What is an alembic?

This device of distillation is made according to a classic process, across a handcrafted method perfected throughout the times for the acquired experience and trasmitida of several generations.

The technology used for the manufacture of the different models of distillers as well as the suitable material they have direct influence in the quality of the preparation of several distilled

The top characteristics of the drinks elaborated in these devices, differ for the smoothness, aromatic quality and tastily of his taste, shining and crystalline aspect, heightening an excellent alcoholic classification, contributing also to this one proved an efficient fermentation of the selected and prepared fruits.

The alembic is the system of distillation most used. Technically more evolved that the alquitara never gives major performances with similar similar qualities, at worst, but low to those of the alquitara. Tiener the advantage on the alquitara in which it separates the phases of vaporization and of condensation, permitendo of this form that elproceso of the distillation a major ocntros has on the part of the distiller.

The alembic consists of several detachable parts in minor or major measure to facilitate the transport, the cleanliness, the managing and to allow a better maintenance and substitution of damaged or useless pieces.

Normally the alembic this one formed by a boiler, of changeable capacity, on which a helmet to be placed condenser that extends in a horn, a cooling condenser, normally a can, in whose interior there is a coil normally of copper with exit for revealed and a base for this condenser refriguerante of the soil and to allow to gather the distilled one. The cooling condenser is in the habit of filling with cold water that in occasions is made circulate in the opposite direction to of revealed in the coil. In the orifice of exit of the distilled one there is normally a device to place the alcohómetro, to allow to control the graduation of exit and to separate the different fractions of the distilled one.

In the alembic, the mixture is placed in the boiler to which there is never applied heat, which has to of moderate and constant, excessively or irregular. On having reached the boiling-point, the mixture evaporates becoming condensed in the helmet condenser, which is actually a chamber of expansion, of the one that goes out across the horn up to the cooling condenser where, to tráves of the coil refirguerado with water, the distilled one becomes condensed definivamente.

My alembics are made of handcrafted form of a pure copper, exported to the whole world. I have alembics from 0.4 to 1000 liters.

Feeling it very much for our competitors, since we know the most important smeltings of copper of the world they are in Portugal, cradle of copper and of bronze.

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