Shipping & Returns it adjusts to the following procedures:

  • The orders will be sent to the direction specified in three days following to the receipt of the order of the client. All the sending, both national and international, they are realized across the services contracted with Mail Boxes and UPS. The system on-line the exact cost of the postage and handling depending on the weight of the same one and of the country of destination.
  • All the orders possess the sending of the invoice inherent in the sent goods. Nevertheless, it is possible that some countries need of additional documentation of the client or are sympathetic on the payment of taxes of desaduanaje or culaesquiera others of the country of destination. In these cases, the client takes responsibility fullly, of contributing any documentation and / or payment that must realize before the customs of the country that it receives the goods.
  • If the order was rejected or ignored by the client, the transporter will communicate with him to coordinate the delivery date, being kept for 3 days in the country of destination, beginning in this moment the steps for his return of the same one. If the client was needing again the delivery of the order, it will have to support all the expenses originated by the return.
  • The client is a person in charge for being informed with regard to the prohibition that they should be an object some of the products exposed in our shop in his country. Will be admitted neither returns nor refund of amounts that should correspond to the return in customs of destination of merchandise sent due to prohibitions in the country of destination.
  • If the goods were coming to the client defective or was not corresponding with the purchase realized by the same one or the delivery note of delivery, it will take charge of all the expenses originated by the return and new delivery of the correct order.
  • The client can change the products got for others of equal or major value of those who are exposed in our virtual shop, always and when the product that one tries to change is without opening and in the same conditions in which it was sent. All the expenses originated by the above mentioned exchange will be at the expense of the client, a fixed amount of 25 being added Euro with a view to operative expenses of our company
  • The request of change of products has to be effected in 72 hours following the receipt of the goods on the part of the client.
  • For his safety, open always the package in presence of the transporter and make be clear in writing in the guide of reference that he accompanies to every order, the deficiencies that he finds.
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